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Parkinson's uk

Parkinson's UK filmed a 12 part series about my journey over the course of a year. Documenting how I manage Parkinson's day to day and raising awareness around Deep Brain Stimulation treatment.

To find out more about DBS and Me, visit:

DBS & Me

#giving tuesday

3 December 2019

Parkinson's UK is my #ChosenCharity. Here's my short film about how the charity has changed my life.


5 December 2019 

Saltburn Golf Club raise funds PDUK

16 November 2019

PDUK Research Event

15 November 2019

PDUK Sleep Video Release

2 November 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 10.23.56.png

yaldren's heroes


43 friends ran 50 miles over 50 days


Rich bungee jumped off the Transporter Bridge


Karen Astbury ran the London Marathon


Fran Bell ran the Great North Run

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