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Time To Tidy My Life?

I haven’t written for quite some time. Lockdown has presented me with time to focus on:


We’ve had both daughters at home since the pandemic required us to lockdown. I can’t adequately express how much I’ve loved this family time. I thought it would have resulted in murder, but it’s been so special. Like I would want it to be at Christmas but without the stress and sprouts.

Marie Kondo

Our eldest daughter enjoys structure and order. The uncertainty of lockdown was not great for her initially. As such, she decided to control what she could…. ie her environment. Enter stage left the diminutive Japanese icon that is Marie Kondo.

Please google her or you tube her or ideally watch her show on Netflix. It’s a gamechanger.

Over several weeks every inch of the house was visited. Cupboards were emptied. Forgotten things were found. Food items were date checked…. shamefully we had a spice jar from 2013still on the go (it should be noted that Rich thought it would still be fine). We sorted and sifted every item we’ve brought into our home over the last 23 years. It was exhausting, challenging but ultimately worth it.

In short, the house is now clean and tidy. My friends and neighbours think we’re hoarders as things have been given away on a local free giveaway sight. I suppose they’re not wrong!

If you follow my insta you'll know how much I love to beach clean. I just need to channel that energy indoors too!


My energy levels have been all over the place. Parkinson’s and menopause are not a great combo although my new HRT is epic so watch this space.

Weirdly after our Marie Kondo cleanse I started to sleep better. I think it was a result of letting things go (both literally and figuratively).


The peace and tranquility of my life has been treasured as I know how lucky I am. I’ve used this period of time to work on my advocacy and have been working with both Parkinsons UK and We Are Undefeatable to this end. I was on the TV on Sunday. We sort of! I was in anadvert for about 4 seconds. I’m hoping this closes the distance between me meeting Brene and Oprah.

Also I feel it may help in my rather niche wish to have Mark Strong narrate bits on my life (A la ‘Who do you think you are’ narration). I just want his voice on my phone to say a few phrases:

‘Come along Josephine….you can do it’

Jo is procrastinating in the kitchen

Jo has decided to have an adventure

Etc etc …..please don’t judge me. These things amuse me when I’m feeling a bit low.

Anyway, I hope you’re all well lovely people. Sending big love and thanks for dropping by.


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